Celebrating Erskine Faush


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Celebrating Erskine Faush


Box 8 Folder 58: "This contains a 27 page folder produced for a celebration held in Erskine Faush's honor celebrating his radio career on July 14, 1989. It contains lots of commendations from people around the city. It also lists the staff in 1989 of WATV. All the names of people who were… the engineers, like Frank Giardina was an engineer, people who sold, people who were on the air, and just commemorating a lot of good work in the field of radio. It also contains the programme held in Faush's honor and lists all those sending greetings, from Governor Guy Hunt on down."



“Celebrating Erskine Faush,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 19, 2022, https://thebbrm.org/item/526.

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