Clipping, "Reverend Little Howard Scott Pioneer Cited"


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Clipping, "Reverend Little Howard Scott Pioneer Cited"


Box 8 Folder 54: "Moving along to folder 54 is a copy of a clipping from December 7, 1989 about the 45th Anniversary of Reverend Howard Scott, Little Howard Scott, being on the air. This probably from the Birmingham Times as well. Little Howard Scott, who was a long time broadcaster, a gospel broadcaster, and a reverend, would have started in 1944. I’m not sure where he started in 1944. This was an appeal to the church community to honor his work and to contribute as well. People can read something about his history. His picture is somewhere else in the ephemera collection."



“Clipping, "Reverend Little Howard Scott Pioneer Cited",” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 9, 2021,

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