Maintenance Log, WSMQ


Maintenance Log, WSMQ


Box 8 Folder 48: "Alright, moving right along to folder 48. 10 8x10 sheets, all written in pencil here. Monthly services performed at WSMQ 1450 AM from January through August of 1987. These were electronic maintenance services done by an engineer (unknown). And the listing of the services done by this engineer were written on the back of a WIXI 1480 AM broadcast order, 5000 watts, which would eventually become WLPH out in Irondale, playing predominantly church programming. Broadcast Yearbooks list WIXI as the first calls for 1480 Irondale but with nothing constructed until 1964 at which time the call was WLPH. These service logs are very telling of the technology of the time, written in pencil, in print, not script, on the back of scrap sheets of paper. Who was this engineer that was doing all this work? We have no indication of who the engineer was. There are a couple of pieces of stationary in here with the heading “The Sound Doctor,” Post Office Box 3694, Birmingham, 35211. We don’t know if that is the moniker of a particular engineer but maybe somebody else does. The slogan of the Sound Doctor was “Your sound is your only product." Also, on the back of the July billing, a letter from Robert Casebolt from Schweber Electronics of Huntsville, thanking the Society of Broadcast Engineers for their invite to an SBE monthly meeting. OK, moving right along. Possibly found at the home of Engineer Ben Franklin in Calera or at the Bessemer Rd WAYE location in Five Points West."


b8f48a - WSMQ service log - Jan 1987.jpg
b8f48b - flip of 48a - WIXI broadcast order.jpg
b8f48c - flip of July 87 billing - Schweber Electronics letter to SBE.jpg



“Maintenance Log, WSMQ,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 22, 2024,

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