Advertising Card, A. A. Bonds Furniture Company


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Advertising Card, A. A. Bonds Furniture Company


Box 8 Folder 46: "Now, we’re up to folder 46. 46 is an advertising card like, I guess, a combination contract and bill. It’s not clear what station this is from; however it does look like the commission goes to Theo. If that’s Theo Bailey, in July of ‘87 it could be WAYE. It’s unclear. But it’s for W-it’s A.A. Bonds Furniture Company, July of 1987, so we don’t know if ten dollars a spot, and it doesn’t make plain which radio station it’s from, but Theo Bailey was at WAYE. Probably found by Bob Friedman while examining the old WAQY/WBUL/WAYE site on Bessemer Road at the old Five Points West/Parisian Shopping Center, no longer in existence."



“Advertising Card, A. A. Bonds Furniture Company,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 9, 2021,

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