Programming, WTWG


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Programming, WTWG


Box 8 Folder 30: "This is a sheet, this is a list of programs that could have been on WAYE. It doesn’t really specify the name WAYE on here. Hal Lindsey. Now, Hal Lindsey was definitely involved with WAYE. These little scripts are written on a sheet that bares the address of WAYE; however, the name is WTWG 1220. Did we have an envelope from Fitch? Ok, what we’re coming to realize is that WTWG 1220 morphed into WAYE. Sometime, probably in late '84, early 1985, they changed their name. Why they changed their name is not clear at this time. Of all the stations that frequency, 1220, has gone through the most changes in terms of ownership and name changes. Also going dark for a while in the very early ‘60s for about 4 years. We’re also putting into this folder a W2 from Manuel Fitch for his time at WTWG back in 1984. Now, how long the transition from BUL radio to WTWG, when exactly that happened, we do not know, but that appears to be the transition. BUL ran from something like the early 70's to the mid 80's so we still have to kind of sort that out. Those things need to be deciphered. It can probably be done by studying a Broadcast Yearbooks for those years. From the Bessemer Rd location, found by Bob Friedman."



“Programming, WTWG,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed September 23, 2021,

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