Clippings, FCC Renewals


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Clippings, FCC Renewals


Box 6 Folder 31: "This is folder 31, are a couple of articles from 1973. One indicates that certain FCC licenses of ten radio stations were held up and WJLD, WJLN was one of them in Alabama. One of them in, I should say, was in Birmingham. That was WJLD. Now, a lot of these stations are cited for having no blacks and few women. WJLD, WJLN Birmingham, which had 23 full time employees, 10 blacks and 10 women in ‘71 and 21 full time, 9 blacks, 5 women in ‘72, they were cited for a decline in blacks and women. Now that’s interesting that the license would be held up for a slight variance like that. Today it probably wouldn’t be noticed, but back then it was very close to the Civil Rights Act being passed and the ERA Women's Movement was getting underway nationally. The second article indicates a dispute between WENN and WJLD over WENN refusing to make advertising time available to someone with ties to WJLD. Secondly, Hertz Broadcasting was alleged to have broadcast information about available lotteries which was against FCC regs. Found at Birmingham library archives."




“Clippings, FCC Renewals,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 22, 2021,

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