WJLD Personnel, Remembered by Freddie Waters


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WJLD Personnel, Remembered by Freddie Waters


Box 6 Folder 20: "This is folder 20, which is a list from… it looks like the list from Freddie Waters who was a listener to WJLD. Some of the people that he remembered that were on ZZK-FM before it got sold, and he lists Bill Smith (also known as Willie Caruthers - "Father Tree,") Bob Shivers, Jim Young, Bobby Gilmore, Bill Levi (also Father Tree), Bill Thornton, Wayne Braden, Bill Coleman, Artie Draycos. Arty Draycos apparently played Greek music on WJLN (11A-Noon). Also lists Johnny Austin, James Freeman, and Willie Walter Coleman… I’m sorry, is that William Glover…? No, it’s Walter Coleman. Anyway, not exactly sure what more can be made of this. The most significant thing about it probably that Freddie was such a devoted fan. He called my radio show often from Talladega. He was blind and attended their school. He really knew his stuff. Thank you Freddie Waters."



“WJLD Personnel, Remembered by Freddie Waters,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 24, 2021, https://thebbrm.org/item/401.

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