Ratings, 1969


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Ratings, 1969


Box 5 Folder 38: "This is folder 38. These are ratings from 1969. Ok, one of them is from April and May of 1969 and one of them is from October/November of 1969. These are the result of diaries mailed to possible listeners. There are 1,228 diaries. That was a total service area, which is the Birmingham metro I guess, and the metro survey area was 711 diaries, and from there radio stations lived and died in their advertising efforts. 1969. I believe this was in the WJLD files. There is a "Tommy Charles Confession" on page 2 of the Apr/May packet. Apparently, ARB is concerned that stations run huge contests just before diaries are mailed to jack up their ratings. Tommy's confession is humorous and amazed the rating service would actually print it."



“Ratings, 1969,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 22, 2021, https://thebbrm.org/item/378.

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