WJLN Application to Increase Power


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WJLN Application to Increase Power


Box 5 Folder 23: "Folder 23 from 1968 is an application to the FCC from Johnston Broadcasting to increase WJLN power from 25k to 100k.  Here's the essence of it from the abstract:

The Present Antenna is mounted on the WJLD (AM) tower, as is the Antenna of WBMG-TV (CH.42). WBMG (TV) has recently received a construction permit to change site, (BPCT 4101) and this will, at a later date, call for the removal of the TV Antenna from the WJLD tower, and a new determination of the WJLD antenna impedance. This will also be necessary when a new FM Antenna is installed.

The allocation study for WJLN reveals that it is short-spaced to only one Station and this is by one mile on the 3rd adjacent Channel (CH.286) to WQSB, Albertville, Alabama. WJLN, therefore, is elegible [sic] to increase power to 100 KWs, pursuant to par. 73.213(a) of the SGEP.

Found in the WJLD files."



“WJLN Application to Increase Power,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed September 24, 2021, https://thebbrm.org/item/363.

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