1967 Buyers Guide, WJLD


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1967 Buyers Guide, WJLD


Box 5 Folder 14: "Folder 14 contains two 21 page WJLD Big D Radio 1967 buyers’ guides. They are individually numbered because they were contests as well. Inside are pictures of numerous WJLD disc jockeys along with WJLD's (at that time) 25 year history as well as a retrospective from 1966 about the progress of the radio station. That was very important in terms of trying to fill out the entire history because it was a look back at the first twenty five years of the station. Also in the folder are various duplicates of the DJs listed in the booklet. When you look at the back of the buyers’ guide, these were mailed, that must have cost a pretty penny, to various listeners, cause the mailing labels are still on there, and then postage was paid for by WJLD. One was donated by Atty David Sullivan from Birmingham, the second I’m uncertain of, but both were donated to the museum and brought to WJLD when I was there. Scanned for the archive are the history, DJ pages, Daytime Broadcast schedule and 1966 retrospective."



“1967 Buyers Guide, WJLD,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 1, 2023, https://thebbrm.org/item/354.

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