Instruction Manual, Ampex 350 Series


b4f51a - Instruction Manual Ampex 350 recorder - 1966.jpg
b4f51b - photo of the 350 feed and take up - 1966.jpg
b4f51c - engineer Hurley's notes on alignment of Ampex 350.jpg


Instruction Manual, Ampex 350 Series


Box 4 Folder 51: "Ok, this is folder 51 which is an instruction manual for the 350 tape recorder with schematic and so forth provided in June of 1966, one of the pieces of equipment still at radio station WJLD (2011). Found in WJLD files. We also archived a picture of the feed and take up as well as a letter from Engineer WS Hurley (June 29, 1966) describing his head alignment work."



“Instruction Manual, Ampex 350 Series,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 23, 2021,

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