Sam "00" Moore, at WJLD and Remote Broadcast with Bear


b4f42a - Sam 00 Moore at 1st Avenue WJLD studio - 1966.jpg
b4f42b - Sam 00 Moore at WJLD remote with bear! - 1966.jpg
b4f42c - The WJLD remote with Sam Moore and bear - 1966.jpg


Sam "00" Moore, at WJLD and Remote Broadcast with Bear


Box 4 Folder 42: "Three photos in folder 42.
Photo 1. A photo of Sam "00" Moore and fans in the studio on First Avenue North and 19th Street in Birmingham. WJLD occupied this location from 1967 through 1972, their fifth location. I believe that the remote equipment, the small board … you know, because this is such a small studio, this maybe… we did have an adjunct studio on 4th Avenue, 17th Street North upstairs (I think) from 4th Avenue. And I’m just wondering if, because this is such a very very modified little studio, that this was in fact the adjunct studio on 4th Avenue. I don’t have a way of knowing that.

Photos 2,3. a WJLD remote broadcast and there is a bear that has been taken out to this broadcast. It looks like he is eating some kind of bread that was thrown to him. Lots of kids watching. This from 1966 and Sam “00” Moore is actually out here with kind of a make shift sign that he must have put together. The little that we know about Sam was that he was, at some point in time, either before or after being at WJLD, a New York City cop. Not much more is known about him. And it’s not clear to me where that picture came from. The bear was owned by Ronnie Marchant, who had a furniture store, and was on loan to the station, and the story was that somebody actually killed the bear at a remote. Not sure if at this remote. Stabbed it or something like that. It was a very sad situation. Anyway, there’s a second picture in the folder showing part of the remote where the bear is kind of on a long leash and kids are standing and sitting on cars and just looking at the bear and I’m just glad I don’t own any of those cars.
These photos from the Chris McNair Studios."



“Sam "00" Moore, at WJLD and Remote Broadcast with Bear,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed August 18, 2022,

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