WJLD Platter Queen Contestants


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WJLD Platter Queen Contestants


Box 4 Folder 17: "We are now at folder 17, which contains Ed McClure, known as Johnny Jive with another group of contestants. He ran beauty contests, platter queen contests from the time he was at BCO to the time he was at WJLD. He was trying to generate a Miss Black America contest and was not able to get the family, the Johnston family to back him on that. That information was either from an interview with Johnny himself, Ed McClure himself or Ben Franklin the engineer at the time for the station. We do not know who the women are in this picture; we’d like to know. From the McClure collection."



“WJLD Platter Queen Contestants,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed January 21, 2022, https://thebbrm.org/item/304.

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