Clipping, "WBCO To Observe 5th Anniversary"


Clipping, "WBCO To Observe 5th Anniversary"


Box 3 Folder 20: "Now this is a total mystery. It is a blow up of something I got from Ed McClure, Johnny Jive. He’s a veteran of World War II. I didn’t realize that. It lists Andrew Dawkins, Bruce Payne, Arthur Whatley, Erskine Fausch, and Laura Walker. It talks about WBCO. There’s an anniversary program on Sunday, special anniversary for Dunbar High School has been planned and there will be a bunch of people. Reverend Howard Scott will be there. Didn’t know he was doing stuff…. I’m trying to see whether or not… Yeah it’s the fifth anniversary of BCO, so we figure it was 1955. The Bells of Zion, the Starlights, and the Delta Aires. The Delta Aires. I should make a copy of this for Auguster Maul and his group. The Delta Aires, still singing today. Yeah, Auguster Mauls, the head of the Delta Aires.
LWR: How do you spell that? The Aires.
BF: “D-E-L-T-A” and then “A-I-R-E-S”. Might have been two words might have been one word. I don’t remember. Donated by Ed McClure.

Also in Folder 20 is an 8-picture flyer with WBCO staff from my approximation, 1954. proclaiming, "WBCO employs eight negro announcers!" The flyer was obviously used by both sales staff and announcers. Starting from upper left: King Porter at the piano, Erskine Faush, Ed "Johnny Jive" McClure, Arthur "Juke the Duke" Whaley, Garfield Grace, Charles "Deacon Luther" Whatley, Erskine Faush again, and Lora Walker. Donated for copying by Ed McClure."


b3f20a - clip about education levels of WBCO staff - 1954.jpg
b3f20b - WBCO staff promo sales flyer - 1954.jpg



“Clipping, "WBCO To Observe 5th Anniversary",” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 27, 2024,

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