WBCO Platter Party, Elks Hall


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WBCO Platter Party, Elks Hall


Box 2 Folder 47: "The next folder is number 47, and these are pictures from WBCO platter party, which I believe was at nightclub…it might have been called The Flame. Let’s see, lots of copies of those pictures but none of which tell me…oh of course, these are Morrow’s pictures. Okay this is the Elk’s Hall on 12th Street and 8th Avenue North. That’s where these are shot. Very interesting to look at how nicely people dressed. They were there for a record hop, and to me if this was WBCO and I am somewhat familiar with the people who were on WBCO, it does look to me like the disc jockey in the gallery would have been Ed McClure, Johnny Jive. Just by the shape of his head I am guessing that. And somebody who’s next to him, I couldn’t tell. It’s a youngster probably. Okay. I love this picture; there are I guess, there’s people hugging, men and women hugging. And then there’s a picture of them doing some swing. It looks like they are having a really good time. Hats off to the folks at the Elk’s Hall 1953. Those were Morrow’s pictures but copied from originals of Ed McClure."



“WBCO Platter Party, Elks Hall,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 23, 2021, https://thebbrm.org/item/222.

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