Andrew "Sugar Daddy" Dawkins, WBCO


b2f35a - Sugar Daddy at WBCO 1 - 1952.jpg
b2f35b - Sugar Daddy and Manishewitz ine - 1952.jpg
b2f35c - Sugar Daddy at the WBCO board - 1952.jpg


Andrew "Sugar Daddy" Dawkins, WBCO


Box 2 Folder 35: "This folder contains three different photos of Andrew "Sugar Daddy" Dawkins from his stint at WBCO. They were donated by Andrew at the time of his interviews. Wonderful shots. Andrew was at the station for a couple of years around 52-52, went in the army and then up to Huntsville to join Leroy Garrett helping to build WEUP. We have two oral histories by him on line. The first photo is my all time favorite DJ pix."



“Andrew "Sugar Daddy" Dawkins, WBCO,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 19, 2022,

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