Clipping, WJLD Transmitter Moved to Birmingham


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Clipping, WJLD Transmitter Moved to Birmingham


Box 2 Folder 29: "From the Birmingham Post Herald, it says Bessemer News. “WJLD transmitter moved to Birmingham”. Radio station WJLD has moved its transmitter from Bessemer to Red Mountain in Birmingham, and this was July 21, 1952. That’s very helpful. “The spokesman from the station said it will maintain offices and studio at its present location on the Bessemer Superhighway but that all broadcasting facilities will be located in Birmingham.” So what that leads me to believe, and this is kind of interesting, we do have a picture of the studio building on Bessemer Superhighway with a Buick parked in the driveway and the license plate says 1954, so it is possible that WJLD was operating in some way out of both locations at the same time even as late as 1954, but certainly we had some relation to that building, because that date was on the license plate. Well well well…we learn everyday. Maybe for storage. Also, a small Morrow pix of Willie McKinstry donated by Candy West, James Connolly's grand daughter, back in 2015."



“Clipping, WJLD Transmitter Moved to Birmingham,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed September 23, 2021,

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