Property History, Bessemer Broadcasting Company


Property History, Bessemer Broadcasting Company


Box 1 Folder 61: "Box 1 number 61 is a building, a property history, from Brighton and Bessemer Road, the Bessemer Broadcasting Company, which would have been WBCO. This was originally designed in ’49 and it does indicate that as of October 6, 1951 there would have been a photo, one year old completely occupied by then, in ’51 and that would have been BCO. It also indicates a move for BCO but it does have the original description of the building and the tower site. The antenna and the building indicated by A and B. This is out on Blue Lake right now, the most recent station that we know of WSMQ is kind of built on top of the cinderblock building which was WBCO out there. Blue Lake was the second location for WBCO. The first location, as in 1950, on 3rd Avenue and 17th Street in Bessemer, and that information is located somewhere in our files. The document was found in the Birmingham Public Library archives, and originally located in the tax assessor’s office."


b1f61a - Tax assessor document  - WBCO building layout -1949.jpg



“Property History, Bessemer Broadcasting Company,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 13, 2024,

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