The Heavenly Four, Gospel Singers


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The Heavenly Four, Gospel Singers


Box 1 Folder 34: "This is box 1 number 34, which are various pictures, two pictures of the Heavenly Four Gospel Singers. They probably span from 1945- 46. We know who the Heavenly Four Gospel Singers because Don Solomon is in the group and these are copies of pictures he donated around 2007. It was lucky he did because subsequent to that, he had a house fire and lost everything, so I was able to make copies for him. Let’s put this in a plasticine thing. He has identified all of its past members. We do also have an interview with Don Solomon, an audio interview. It was a group that lasted for several years, even beyond Don Solomon’s leaving the group to join the Air Force in 1949."



“The Heavenly Four, Gospel Singers,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 19, 2022,

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