Clippings, WJLD On-Air Announcement


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Clippings, WJLD On-Air Announcement


Box 1 Folder 12: "This is box 1 number 12, and it is from 1942. There are various clipping from the Birmingham News or the Post Herald not sure which one, of WJLD going on the air in April of 1942. The smaller clipping entitled Bessemer’s WJLD goes on the air is from April 20 covering what happened at the very first airing of the station. There is also an announcement as well previous to going on the air. April 19 the day that WJLD started actually began programming in the evening at 8 o’clock. On the evening of April 19, 1942 when major Jap Bryant got the outlet underway so, they actually went on in the evening for the first time. These articles, copies of articles, from the library archives. A couple of these are microfiche from the archives at the Birmingham Library Archives. The larger newsprint copy is a put together picture of the backside of this announcement where WJLD opens tomorrow. And there is somewhere, that original picture, which is framed and in the big box. That was 1942."



“Clippings, WJLD On-Air Announcement,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed September 23, 2021,

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