Promo Flyer, Alma Johnson at WJLD


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Promo Flyer, Alma Johnson at WJLD


Box 3 Folder 44: "And we’re up to folder 44 which are promo flyers for Alma Johnson, Colin Powell’s wife. She was on WJLD in 1958. She received an AB degree in speech and drama. I developed some correspondence with her in the ‘90s and she sent me these promo pictures of her in the studio with a nice note talking about her remembrances of WBCO and WEDR. Very brief.
LWR: You mean WJLD?
BF: And WJLD of course. As I mentioned she was on WJLD. Did the letter mention WJLD too?
LWR: I don’t remember but the letter is in the donor file.
BF: The donor file. What is the donor file?
LWR: We made a donor file in the collection history thing for correspondence about donations so we can keep up.
BF: Oh that’s right. That’s right. Absolutely. Ok. Any reason to put one of these in the donor file? We’ve got two of them. No? And she knows what she’s talking about.

Incidentally, on folder 44, just backing up a second, when Colin Powell was considered the hot potato around presidential candidates, the word got out that Alma worked at WJLD. The National Enquirer contacted me and offering me all kinds of money for pictures of Alma Johnson and WJLD, and of course I refused."



“Promo Flyer, Alma Johnson at WJLD,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed September 24, 2021,

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