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Bust length black and white portrait of J. Leslie Doss Jr. Subject is depicted in three-quarter profile, wearing a button down shirt and suspenders.

J. Leslie Doss Jr. reflects on the early days of WJLD radio, his father's station.

Roy Wood talks about meeting Bill Dean from WIBC in Mishiwaka Indiana

Bust length three-quarters profile portrait of radio broadcaster Roy Wood. Subject is depicted wearing a light jacket over a white shirt with a dark bow-tie, and smiling broadly.

Roy Wood speaks about how he began his career in radio

SonRose Rutledge 2 min.mp3
Sonny Rutledge talks about his time as a high school radio DJ in the late 1950s.

1956-SonRose Rutledge - WBCO -  .jpg
Full length black and white portrait of Sonrose Rutledge in the WBCO radio station. Depicted holding microphone with 'WBCO' legend in one hand and record disc in the other hand, and wearing headphones.

Sonrose Rutledge discusses being a high school DJ and working at various Birmingham and Louisiana radio stations.

Bevil 2 min clip.mp3
Rev. James Bevil talks about the science of history

Bust length black and white photographic portrait of Rev. James Bevil. Rev. Bevil wears a cloth cap, glasses, a white cord necklace. He has a white beard, and is not looking at the viewer.
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