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b6f17a - Johnston's Xmas gifts to clients 1972.jpg
"Moving along to folder 17, this is a series, a list of people who are going to receive fruit baskets and that’s pretty funny. I guess these are some clients that the Johnston family wanted to make sure received goodies and they’re signed by Maurice…

b6f1a - 104.7 transition envelopes - 1970.jpg
"Ok, this is box 6. Folder 1 contains 3 business envelopes, number 10 envelopes. Return address is for WJ… two of them, return address is for WJLD and one for WZZK, which was acquired by the Johnston family in the early ‘70s. And the P.O. Boxes show…

b2f23a - three James Connolly business cards WJLD-WJLN  1952.jpg
"Moving along to number 23, we have a three business card from James Connolly who was early on a salesman and also by the time this card came out, which would have been in the late 40s or early 50s probably, we’re going to give it 1952 as a date both…

Jimmy Lawson.pdf
Jimmy Lawson, announcer broadcasting from 1963 – present (WEUP Huntsville, WJLD and WENN, Birmingham, current owner WWPG AM-FM, Tuscaloosa)

Lora Gary (b. Jan 6, 1927, d. Mar 26, 2010) remembers the 1950’s and her time at WBCO and later WJLD, where she had a noon jazz show.
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