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b3f18a - December 1955 line-up at WMBM Miami 001.jpg
"Moving right along to folder 18. This is WMBM Miami program schedule for December of 1955, which lists Eddie Castleberry and some other people who are on MBM. "Set volumes go up when Ed comes on." We have it because Eddie Castleberry was there and…

b2f48a - Bob Umbach, possibly at WMBM, Miami - 1953.jpg
"This is folder 48. This is a promo picture of Bob Umbach which was sent to me I believe by his daughter but I’m not sure. This is when he was at WMBM, this is not at WJLD. This would have been around ‘53 and here he is pouring some milk into, I…

b1f33a - Original of Bob Umbach.jpg
"This is box 1 folder 33, which is an 8x10 and a copy of the 8x10 of Bob Umbach, the broadcaster of the Atomic Boogie Hour. Any information about Bob, his dates of birth and passing may be in the interview with his daughter, which we have an…
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