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Ben Alexander discusses the history of WEDR

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Black and white photograph of Ben Alexander in the studio at WEDR, clipped from a newspaper or magazine.

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Billy Cliff Evans, announcer at WJLD in the mid 1940’s. Billy shares recollections of early broadcasting from Bessemer radio stations. He later became treasurer of the Bessemer History Center.

Bruce Payne 2 min.mp3
Bruce Payne, Birmingham broadcaster from the early 1950's. Born in Jackson, Mississippi and began his broadcasting career at WBCO in Bessemer. He made the transition to early WENN Radio in Birmingham in 1958 before returning to Mississippi to finish…

J. Leslie Doss Jr. reflects on the early days of WJLD radio, his father's station.

Roy Wood speaks about how he began his career in radio

Sonrose Rutledge discusses being a high school DJ and working at various Birmingham and Louisiana radio stations.

William Faush discusses his start in radio at WBCO in Bessemer
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