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b4f24a - Instructions for Bogen CHB10A Public Address Amp - 1960.jpg
Box 4 Folder 24: "We are now at folder 24 which is a instruction manual for a Bogen 10 watt public address amplifier. Probably from the WJLD studio file cabinets and possibly used during remote broadcasts."

b4f51a - Instruction Manual Ampex 350 recorder - 1966.jpg
Box 4 Folder 51: "Ok, this is folder 51 which is an instruction manual for the 350 tape recorder with schematic and so forth provided in June of 1966, one of the pieces of equipment still at radio station WJLD (2011). Found in WJLD files. We also…

b5f12a -WJLD Proof of Performance doc - 1967.jpg
Box 5 Folder 12: "Folder 12 from 1967 is an engineering report for the antennae for WJLD. It is dated March of 1967 and WJLD is… and apparently this is trying to determine… well, they’ve taken numerous field strength measurements. Their daytime power…
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