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b5f35a - front and back cover of a WJLD promotion - 1969.jpg
"Folder 35 is a WJLD contest folder… I’m sorry, correction. It’s called a WJLD Double Dozen and also WJLD… WJLN-FM. And this is like a top 24 songs that were out for the week beginning August 8, 1969, and it lists not only the pop but also the gospel…

b5f14a - 1967 Buyers Guide.jpg
"Folder 14 contains two 21 page WJLD Big D Radio 1967 buyers’ guides. They are individually numbered because they were contests as well. Inside are pictures of numerous WJLD disc jockeys along with WJLD's (at that time) 25 year history as well as a…

b4f45a - Chris McNair proof sheet 1 of 1966 photos.jpg
"Folder 45 is a… what do you call these…. Folder 45 has two proof sheets, a lot depicting Sam Moore at the radio station in various poses; where the actual negatives are I can only presume. They’d probably be at the McNair Studios. He was asking…

b4f44a - Ed McClure, Willie McKinstry and Sam 00 Moore - 1966.jpg
"We’re now at folder 44 which is a picture of Sam “00” Moore, Ed McClure, and Willie McKinstrey together in one of the studios of WJLD. Again around 1966.
This from the Chris McNair Studios."

b4f43a - Sam 00 Moore at WJLD on First Ave. N - 1966.jpg
"We’re now at folder 43 which again has a picture of Sam “00” Moore. Sam Moore is at the console and this would be the 1st Avenue and 19th Street location. There’s venetian blinds probably overlooking 19th Street. The Ampex tape recorder in the…

b4f42a - Sam 00 Moore at 1st Avenue WJLD studio - 1966.jpg
"Three photos in folder 42.
Photo 1. A photo of Sam "00" Moore and fans in the studio on First Avenue North and 19th Street in Birmingham. WJLD occupied this location from 1967 through 1972, their fifth location. I believe that the remote…

b4f41a - Sam 00 Moore and Willie McKinstry promotion - 1966.jpg
"We’re moving to folder 41, is a picture of Sam “00” Moore (far left) and Willie McKinstrey (far right) with other people who may be folks who worked at an appliance store. And they’re probably doing a remote. There’s the WJLD music radio banner…

b4f39a - Sam 00 Moore at WJLD - 1966.jpg
"Ok we are now at folder 39, is a picture of Sam “00” Moore when he was at WJLD in 1966. This from the Chris McNair Studios. He was at WJLD for a short amount of time - maybe one year, and then moved to New York City and became a police officer."

Rick Upshaw was born and raised in Chattanooga and is a graduate of Howard School. Rick Upshaw was also a talented singer and was quite an expert at piano and organ. He began his musical studies at the Ken Keese Studios in Chattanooga and studied as…
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