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Bobby Hayden (b.May 28, 1937) Born in Huntsville, Alabama, Bobby was very active with the sports program at Alabama A&M and worked closely with Paul White (who would become "Tall Paul" in Birmingham at WENN 1320 AM) who would broadcast A&M games on…

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Interviewed on the air at WJLD. Author, “Radio and the Struggle for Civil Rights in the South” (University Press of Florida, 2004).

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Box 7 Folder 6: "And we’re up to Folder 6 which is an article the Birmingham News, from February 13th of 1976. “Blacks strike after white exec fired.” Now shortly after A.G. Gaston purchased WENN radio, what he decided he’d do is to fire Joe Lackey…

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Curtis Bell (b. Jun 1, 1962; d. Aug 25, 2020), speaks about getting his start in broadcasting in Birmingham.

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Eddie Castleberry (b.Jul 28, 1928, d.Jan 23, 2009), pioneer Birmingham broadcaster beginning his radio career in 1950 with WEDR Birmingham. Interviewed in the WJLD studios.

(l-r) Jackie Taylor holding a,Gwen Sanders Gamble, Gwen's sister Deborah Sanders Smith, and Tuskegee SNCC activist and educator Dr. Joan Burroughs.jpg
Gwendolyn Sanders Gamble (b. Nov. 17, 1947) and her two sisters Dot and Deborah, were Ullman High School students and active in the 1963 campaign. Gwen was 14 and a recruiter which means she would work inside the school letting other students know…

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Box 8 Folder 59: "Moving along to folder 60 is a piece from… anyways…. Alright and this is… this has a two copies as well as the original issue of Jack the Rapper. This came out in January 11, 1989, Issue #666, America’s oldest largest circulated…

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Joe Lackey (b. Aug 3, 1922, d.May 29, 2009), General Manager at WENN 1958-76. Part owner, WATV Birmingham. Joe reflects on his early career and on the 1963 Civil Rights Movement.

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Paul White (b. Aug. 16, 1936; d. Aug. 19, 2001) a classic discussion on WATV 900 AM Radio Birmingham, between two iconic Birmingham radio announcers. Paul White, commonly known as Tall Paul, and Shelly Stewart, known as Shelley the Playboy. Paul…
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