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b4f30a - The WJLD Singers - 1965.jpg
Box 4 Folder 30: "This is folder 30 which is a picture of the WJLD Singers from 1965. They recorded a 45 called the “WJLD Theme” on the WJLD label and it features Larry Hargrove from upper right clockwise: Larry Hargrove, Johnny Jackson, Walter…

b4f29a - Larry Hargrove at WJLD - 1965.jpg
Box 4 Folder 29: "This is folder 29 from 1965, a photo of Larry Hargrove when he was at WJLD, and again it’s unclear how long he was there. We don’t know anything about him except that he appears with the WJLD Singers on their 1965 45 rpm, "WJLD…
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