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b3f10a - pocket pen holder from Joe Rumore - 1954.jpg
"A pocket protector advertising Joe Rumore and Golden Eagle Table Syrup. Stations partnered with sponsors and gave out what are now called advertising specialties. This was part of a collection Candy West donated to the BBRM in 2015. Her grandfather…

1946-Bob Umbach .jpg
Tommy Cox, a WJLD listener interviewed about Bob Umbach, WJLD Radio Announcer and originator of the Atomic Boogie Hour in 1946. Tommy began listening to Bob Umbach in 1949. Tommy called Bob Friedman in 2005 letting him know he had a Rhythm and Blues…

b2f25a - WBCO and WEDR lineup - 4-1-1952.jpg
"This folder from 1952, April 1, 1952, a Tuesday, and this one from April 10; there’s two actually. Wait a minute, they’re both from April 1, 1952; that’s just shmutz. And what these do... they list the radio stations, not clear whether they were…

b1f50a - Joe Rumore at WVOK promo card - 1949.jpg
"Here we are now at box number 1 and picture number 50, or folder number 50 is a promo card for Joe Rumore being on WVOK. Very nice."

b1f49a - Post Herald radio log Pt 1  9-10-1949.jpg
"This is box number 1, folder 49, which is various radio logs from 1949, which now include WVOK, WKAX, and WEDR. It may be the first time that WEDR gets notated in the radio logs. This from September 19, 1949 with WEDR going on the air for the first…

b1f38a - article about Joe Rumore - approx 1947.jpg
"This is box 1 folder 38 from 1947. It looks like a Birmingham News clipping which has a picture of Joe Rumore sitting in a pile of letters and postcards, an extremely popular WAPI disc jockey who started his career at WJLD in 1942. It’s a long…

b1f20 Joe Rumore WAPI - 1943-48.jpg
"Box 1 folder 21. It is a promo card for Joe Rumore when he was on WAPI and we approximate it to be 1944. It was found probably in a thrift store of one kind or another."
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