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b6f17a - Johnston's Xmas gifts to clients 1972.jpg
"Moving along to folder 17, this is a series, a list of people who are going to receive fruit baskets and that’s pretty funny. I guess these are some clients that the Johnston family wanted to make sure received goodies and they’re signed by Maurice…

b5f26a - from Erin Connolly's son - unidentified.jpg
"Folder 26 has various pictures donated from Erin Connolly’s son which show, I guess Erin… I’m not sure who this is…. I don't recognize the men in these pictures. Jim Connolly is in some of these pictures. It's been so long since Connolly's son…

b4f49a - WJLD envelope and Eric Connolly card - 1967.jpg
"Now we have folder 49 which contains an envelope from WJLD when they were at 109 North 19th Street and also Erin Connolly’s business card from the same address. We speculate that to be 1966-67 and donated by Erin Connolly’s son. Erin Connolly was…
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