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b5f37a - Note from Johnston III to staff about PD Lawson - 1969.jpg
"Alright, we’re moving on to folder 37 which is a copy of a letter, it’s unclear who it’s addressed to, but it verifies Jimmy Lawson’s employment at the radio station, WJLD, with the signature, the name George Johnston III underneath. Vice president,…

b5f21a - Letter from George Johnston III  - July 3, 1968.jpg
"We’re up to folder 21 which is also a letter from George Johnston III to Mr. Palmer Greer, who apparently is an engineer because they are now planning in 1968 to move the tower…. Yeah, that was enclosed in the square…. Yeah, it was a letter…

b4f50a - Letter from Joan Crawford to Otis Dodge - 1966.jpg
"All right, folder 50 dated 1966, this a letter from Joan Crawford, from London, England, writing to Otis Dodge, thanking him for making a press conference for her very successful in Birmingham. “Bless you and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Otis…
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