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b6f12a - Jimmy Lawson headshot - 1971.jpg
"Anyway, this is folder 12. Folder 12 is picture of Jimmy Lawson around 1971. He was still at WJLD far as I remember. From McNair Studios"

b5f30a - proof sheet from 1969 McNair photo session.jpg
"Folder 30 from 1969. These are contact sheets from Chris McNair Studios, who gave us a bunch of negatives and we printed these positives. It’s a sample sheet that includes pictures of Jimmy Lawson, Andrew Fields, Willie McKinstrey, Walter Anglin,…

b5f29a - Jimmy Lawson during WJLD - 1969.jpg
"Folder 29 from 1969, a picture of Jimmy Lawson, a headshot, again from the Chris McNair Studios."

b5f28a - WJLD basketball team - 1969.jpg
"We’re now at folder 28 from 1968. WJLD basketball team. Various people depicted in this picture. What I want to determine is whether or not… yeah ok…. So when you hold this picture up to the light, the names of the people were written on the back of…

b5f24a - WJLD staff 1968.jpg
"We’re up… we’re up to folder 24 which are a couple pictures of the WJLD staff of 1968 showing (l-r) Ronald Jackson, Willie McKinstry, Jimmy Lawson, Andrew Fields, and Walter Anglin. Now, the description on the back of the smaller piece has the…

b5f10a - Ronald Jaye - Ronald Jackson - Doc Lee - 1967.jpg
"This is folder 10, a picture of Doc Lee. Ronald Jaye was his name. J-A-Y-E. From 1967. That stood for Ronald Jackson and he was a WJLD DJ. On the back of the picture, I had written Doc Lee. Did I get that from someone? Again, from the Chris…

b5f8a - Dave Davis, GM at WJLD - 1967.jpg
"Folder 8 is a picture of Dave Davis, the general manager of WJLD, and we’re saying 1967, which means that Otis Dodge was no longer the general manager. And now I’m questioning whether Otis Dodge was the sales manager or not. Again from the Chris…

b5f7a - Edward Johnny Jive McClure - WJLD 1967.jpg
"Folder 7 is a headshot of Ed "Johnny Jive" McClure from 1967, WJLD, again from the Chris McNair Studios."

b5f6a - Walter Anglin - Midnight Moover Groover - WJLD 1967.jpg
"Folder 6 is a picture of Walter "Midnight Moover Groover" Anglin when he was at WJLD, from 1967, again from the Chris McNair Studios."

b5f5a - Photo of Andrew Fields from WJLD - 1967.jpg
"Folder 5 contains two pictures of Andrew Fields from WJLD. Two headshots of Andrew Fields from 1967, again from the Chris McNair Studios."
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