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b6f20a - Freddy Waters recollections of WJLN 1970's.jpg
"This is folder 20, which is a list from… it looks like the list from Freddie Waters who was a listener to WJLD. Some of the people that he remembered that were on ZZK-FM before it got sold, and he lists Bill Smith (also known as Willie Caruthers -…

b6f7a - WJLD flow chart of responsibility - 1971.jpg
"Ok, we now move to folder 7 which is a, kind of a flow chart showing the order of responsibilities starting from George Johnston and working his way down to various directors. Anyway this is kind of a tree of responsibility from the… what do they…

b6f6a - Goerge Johnston III's complaints - 1971.jpg
"Ok, we move along to Box 6… is that going to be terrible if I say that, no, ok… we’re going? Folder 6. A number of things in here. There is a series of commercials, copy sheets for commercials. It’s all from about 1971. 1970 and ‘71. Continuity…
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