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Erskine Faush 2 min.wav
Erskine Faush discusses segregation in the early days of Birmingham radio, and how ratings were determined.

1960 - Erskine Faush.jpg
Black and white headshot of a man. Subject is wearing a dark jacket, white shirt, and tie. He is smiling, and has a thin mustache on his upper lip.

Erskine Faush, Gospel Radio Announcer from 1951-2016, discusses joining his brother William at WBCO, Bessemer and then moving to WENN Radio in 1958 and WATV in 1976, where he became part owner with Shelley Stewart and Joe Lackey.

Nancy Hodges 1 minute.mp3
Nancy Hodges reminisces on the career of her father, Bob Umbach, at WJLD.

1950-WJLD Spelling B - Bob Umbach  .jpg
Black and white image of man (Left, Bob Umbach) and girl (right) standing at a microphone. Microphone has WJLD lettering on it.

Nancy Hodges discusses her father Bob Umbach, radio personality at WJLD from 1946 - 1953

David Shears 2 min.mp3
David Shears discussing the staff of WBCO and their programming in the 1950s.

David Shears.jpg
Black and white bust length portrait of David Shears, smiling.

David Shears describes his start playing music on the radio at WBCO.

Alex Epstein 2 min.mp3
Alex Epstein discusses his brother Taft Epstein, shop owner and radio sponsor.
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