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Alex Epstein 2 min.mp3
Alex Epstein discusses his brother Taft Epstein, shop owner and radio sponsor.

Alex Epstein relates details of the relationship between his brother Taft Epstein and WJLD.

Ben Alexander discusses the history of WEDR

Conversation with Ben Alexander regarding the history of broadcasting in Birmingham.

1950-Ben Alexander-WEDR .jpg
Black and white photograph of Ben Alexander in the studio at WEDR, clipped from a newspaper or magazine.

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David Shears.jpg
Black and white bust length portrait of David Shears, smiling.

David Shears 2 min.mp3
David Shears discussing the staff of WBCO and their programming in the 1950s.

David Shears describes his start playing music on the radio at WBCO.

Don Solomon discusses WVOK and Leroy Garrett.

Don Solomon discusses Leroy Garrett and the advent of Black Radio in Birmingham, Alabama.
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