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J. Leslie Doss Jr. reflects on the early days of WJLD radio, his father's station.

Bust length black and white photographic portrait of Rev. James Bevil. Rev. Bevil wears a cloth cap, glasses, a white cord necklace. He has a white beard, and is not looking at the viewer.

Bevil 2 min clip.mp3
Rev. James Bevil talks about the science of history

Bust length black and white portrait of Jerome Gray. Subject is depicted in suit jacket, white button down shirt and patterned tie.

Jerome Gray  2 minute snippet.mp3
Jerome Gray discusses the support of the Alabama Democratic Convention for Jesse Jackson, and the candidacy of Barack Obama.

Jerome Gray discusses politics, the Alabama Democratic Conference, and the candidacy of Barack Obama

1963 Jesse Champion head.jpg
Black and white photograph of Jesse Champion.

Jesse Champion discusses the Grand Terrace in Bessemer and remote broadcasting in early Black radio.

Jesse Champion discusses early broadcast history and his start in Black radio.
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