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Bruce Payne 2 min.mp3
Bruce Payne, Birmingham broadcaster from the early 1950's. Born in Jackson, Mississippi and began his broadcasting career at WBCO in Bessemer. He made the transition to early WENN Radio in Birmingham in 1958 before returning to Mississippi to finish…

Lani Guinier 2 min.mp3
Lani Guinier discusses the origin of the epithet "Quota Queen"

Interview with Professor Lani Guinier, the first woman of color appointed to a tenured professorship at Harvard Law School. Guinier's work includes professional responsibilities of public lawyers, the relationship between democracy and the law, and…

Billy Evans 2 min.mp3
Billy Evans discusses staffing and programming at WJLD.

Billy Cliff Evans, announcer at WJLD in the mid 1940’s. Billy shares recollections of early broadcasting from Bessemer radio stations. He later became treasurer of the Bessemer History Center.

Andrew Fields 2 min.mp3
Andrew Fields discusses starting out at WJLD.

Andrew Fields, overnight broadcaster, part timer at WJLD and WBUL, his career spanning 1969-1982 – reflecting on his development and experience in Birmingham radio and his contemporaries.

Erskine Faush 2 min.wav
Erskine Faush discusses segregation in the early days of Birmingham radio, and how ratings were determined.

Nancy Hodges 1 minute.mp3
Nancy Hodges reminisces on the career of her father, Bob Umbach, at WJLD.

Alex Epstein 2 min.mp3
Alex Epstein discusses his brother Taft Epstein, shop owner and radio sponsor.
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