Contract, WBUL and Buffalo Rock


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Contract, WBUL and Buffalo Rock


Box 8 Folder 20: "Moving along to folder 20, which is a contract from WBUL radio for Buffalo Rock and they were charging 13 dollars a spot to Buffalo Rock, to the agency. These spots to be run Saturday on the Tom Gloor Show. Now isn’t that interesting cause finally we get some reference regarding WBUL to Tom Gloor who, as I recall, was one of the owners. The Gloor family were the owners of WBUL, but I did not know that he had his own radio show on BUL, and I might be found incorrect in my assessment of Gloor as an owner, but that’s what I recall. If not an owner then a general manager. This contract from 1984 for BUL radio. Found by Bob Friedman at the WBUL location on Bessemer Hwy in 1994 before it was demolished."



“Contract, WBUL and Buffalo Rock,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 10, 2020,

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