Crib Races


b7f43a - Trundle bed races - WBUL - 1979.jpg
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Crib Races


Box 7 Folder 43: "This is folder 43 from 1979. For some reason, "3/79" is marked on the back of the photos and some people are wearing warm jackets. WBUL is being sponsored by Roy Buckner Chevrolet. I think they were located in Bessemer. They were having trundle bed races. This is near as I can tell, that’s what it was called. Crib races or whatever you want to call these things. Where they were having them… I’m not sure where this was taking place. There is a military statue in the background of the picture with Hal Hodgens, who was Sales and General Manager (some say part owner) of WBUL at the time. Tom Gloor was the owner of WBUL and Ron January says he thought when Gloor left WBUL, he took over the Roy Buckner Chevy dealership. Much at WBUL, I'm told, was managed by a woman, Lynn Spivey. Looking at both pictures though, it seems the youngster driving the bed is having the most fun. But anyway very very little info we have… we have more on WBUL now thanks to Manuel Fitch, but for a while we had very little info on that station. Donated by photographer Lucious Washington."



“Crib Races,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 10, 2020,

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