Paul White with WJLD Contest Winner


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Paul White with WJLD Contest Winner


Box 7 Folder 32: "Moving on to folder 32 is a picture of Paul with apparently somebody who won a WJLD... a television on a contest at WJLD. This again from 1979. By this time as you recall the walk out has taken place, WJLD. The reason that Paul is at JLD is because the Johnston family offered him a very good contract and a car, even though he moved initially to WATV with Erskine Faush and Shelley Stewart and Thin Man and the rest of them. Would have loved to have interviewed Paul at any time in his career, or life, for that matter. Donated by photographer Lucious Washington."



“Paul White with WJLD Contest Winner,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed September 25, 2020,

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