Maurice "Thin Man" King


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Maurice "Thin Man" King


Box 7 Folder 7: "Here we are at folder 7, which is a headshot of Maurice King, otherwise known as the Thin Man, very famous jock who was at WOKS in Columbus, Georgia; WYOK in Little Rock, Arkansas; WTUG in Tuscaloosa; and at WENN in 1963 during the civil rights demonstration days through the announcer walk-out of 1976. Maurice King traveled to the new WATV with the 1976 "Walk-Out" jocks. The picture is probably from his stint at ATV. Maurice's eyes are really bloodshot. They seem to be. I don’t know. I can’t…. I wish I could have interviewed him but I didn’t. One of the guys I didn’t get an interview with. I did interview his wife, and that interview will eventually be in the Oral History collection. This picture donated from McNair Studios."



“Maurice "Thin Man" King,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 5, 2020,

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