Statement, Beverly Brazier


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Statement, Beverly Brazier


Box 6 Folder 32: "Ok, here we are at folder 32 which is a statement of Beverly Brazier or we’ll call her Beverly Brazier I guess. I can’t imagine that she went through her life calling herself Beverly Brazier. No? Right?
LWR: It was probably Brazier.
BF: Her best friend was Barbie. I mean, what is that? I’m sorry. We’ll edit that out of course.
LWR: No way. We’re keeping it in.
BF: Ok, this is a statement of Mrs. Beverly Brazier or Brazier who was the traffic manager at WJLD stating that she was employed at WJLD AM and FM, now WZZK, full time, and this references an interaction that she had with a Reverend McKinney back in 1971 and what it really describes is some of the things that she claims were misunderstandings on her part regarding sponsorships of various segments of the WJLD programming, and it can be read in its entirety and you can make a judgment for yourself. It’s obviously part of a larger set of FCC hearings that are going on between WENN, WJLD. See clippings in b6f31a. From the WJLD files."



“Statement, Beverly Brazier,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed March 30, 2020,

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