Clippings, Roy Wood


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Clippings, Roy Wood


Box 6 Folder 27: "Ok we’re on to folder 27, which is a statement from Brother Eugene Jackson, who is a president of the National Black Radio Network which is the beginning of stations from around the country that are black owned or who want to affiliate one way or another, creating the… what would become eventually the American Urban Radio Network. And these are a couple articles that were probably supplied by Roy Wood and Roy Wood was in one of the articles; he was inducted into the Phillips High School Hall of Fame along with Sam Cooke and Diana Washington. These are a lot of people who went to Phillips High School, some of whom we would know but I’m sure all of whom many of those people from that period knew. Certainly we would know Sam Cooke. I don’t know how Sam Cooke got involved in this. But there was a hall of fame so they just decided to induct whoever they felt like inducting. Nat King Cole I could understand cause he was from this area I believe, as was Diana Washington. It also describes the history of Roy Wood. Roy Wood. And we’ve mentioned Roy in the past. We have an two interviews with Roy in our oral history collection. Passed at the age of 80, a grand man, and describes his history including his time at WJLD. He was only there about a year and he was the first full time black personality DJ at WJLD. WJLD was on its way to changing format to full time R&B programming and the hiring of all black personalities. That’s what his history shows us. But his history goes all the way back to 1946, after he graduated from Columbia University and worked at WJBA, Mishawauka, Indiana. Mishawauka, Indiana. Ok, from Roy Wood. Fond Memories."



“Clippings, Roy Wood,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 13, 2020,

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