Leer Tower


b6f25a - 19 floor Cabana Hotel, Bham, Al - 1972.jpg
b6f25b - Cabana Hotel rooftop radio equip.jpg
b6f25c - Cabana Hotel rooftop radio equip.jpg


Leer Tower


Box 6 Folder 25: "This folder contains three photos. The first is a picture of the Leer Tower from 2008, which had not changed much since it was the Cabana Hotel, closed down since 1983. I climbed the 19 floors to the roof in the late 1990's in hopes of find some evidence of WATV 900AM, which had been located at the Cabana/Jefferson since 1961. Many broken windows and pigeons roosting later, I made it to the roof and took pictures of what I saw, (b6f25b and b6f25c) including the remnants of the dirigible mooring. I did not see any evidence of the top which appears in folder 11a of Box 4 (b4f11a)."



“Leer Tower,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed January 16, 2021, http://thebbrm.org/item/406.

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