Blank Sales Contracts, WBUL


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Blank Sales Contracts, WBUL


Box 6 Folder 21: "Ok we’re at folder 21 which are about 300 copies of radio station WBUL’s contracts, for sale contracts. They had been closed for quite some time but the building still existed, and I was able to get up into the old facility with a flashlight and I found these. I was looking for remnants of WBUL because there was very little that we had at the time on the station. There were also remnants of WAQY, which was the Tommy Charles station that succeeded WEDR after they were dark for a while, and then after WAQY, Wacky, they called it, Wacky radio and for good reason… WBUL was formed. These were found inside the station by Bob Friedman when 1220 was still in a building out at 5 Points West on Bessemer Super Highway."



“Blank Sales Contracts, WBUL,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 5, 2020,

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