Willie McKinstry at WJLD Studio, Ishkooda


b6f14a - McKinstry at WJLD Ishkooda studio - 1971.jpg


Willie McKinstry at WJLD Studio, Ishkooda


Box 6 Folder 14: "Ok, here we have… we’ll do this later. So here we have folder 14, which is a picture of Willie McKinstry at the board, doing his show. You can see that there’s a tape deck there, there’s a couple of cart machines, push button phone… not push button, dial phone. Picture could have been taken at the WJLD studio at First Avenue and 19th Street studio downtown or later at the building on Spaulding Ishkooda Road, when the full building was used for studios. We had a studio, I believe, on the side of the building that’s no longer being used for that. Small room. Willie McKinstry. That picture was probably received from Ed McClure."



“Willie McKinstry at WJLD Studio, Ishkooda,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed October 17, 2019, http://thebbrm.org/item/395.

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