WJLD Promotion, "First Black Baby of 1972"


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WJLD Promotion, "First Black Baby of 1972"


Box 6 Folder 13: "This is folder 13 on WJLD’s stationary, still at 109 North 19th Street. The first black baby of 1972. Currently there’s a promotion that they did every year. They had a baby promotion every year so now it’s the first black baby of the year promotion. Each merchant participating receives five announcements each day. This is not a continuity sheet; this is a promotional idea that the various sales people would take out. In the same folder is “Negro activities are centered around and motivated by their church affiliation.” This is another proposal to the church community on how to participate in a promotion that they would carry out on the air and I will let any researcher read it for themselves. 1972. Nine local hospitals involved. From the WJLD files"



“WJLD Promotion, "First Black Baby of 1972",” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 29, 2020, http://thebbrm.org/item/394.

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