Envelopes, 104.7 Transition


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Envelopes, 104.7 Transition


Box 6 Folder 1: "Ok, this is box 6. Folder 1 contains 3 business envelopes, number 10 envelopes. Return address is for WJ… two of them, return address is for WJLD and one for WZZK, which was acquired by the Johnston family in the early ‘70s. And the P.O. Boxes show that, for the WJLD envelope and for the WZZK envelope, that they are for the same P.O. Box, showing the same ownership in that capacity. The third envelope has a different P.O. Box for WJLD. It is not clear from looking at it whether or not it predated the… it predated anything really, because WJLD owned 104.7 since 1948 but it was only WZZK since the early ‘70s. So, that’s what’s in that folder. Probably acquired somehow at WJLD."



“Envelopes, 104.7 Transition,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed March 30, 2020, http://thebbrm.org/item/382.

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