Playtime Magazine


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Playtime Magazine


Box 5 Folder 36: "This is folder 36. Folder 36 is a sheet containing advertising of WJLD, on WJLD. It’s called Playtime and it’s not the complete magazine. It’s only pages 5 through 8, but it does describe many of the business in the black communities at the time on the north side. And it has three people highlighted in the picture, Jim Lawson, Ronald Jaye, and John Streeter. And it says, “Ron handles the soul music, Jim handles the news, and John the sports.” Very young picture of Jimmy Lawson. I think he looked… actually it’s an old picture for the time of Jimmy Lawson cause we have pictures of Jimmy Lawson looking much more grown up. I believe this was in the WJLD files."



“Playtime Magazine,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed September 15, 2019,

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